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Zimmerman Juror B37: It Was Self Defense

The interview of George Zimmerman juror B-37 on Anderson Cooper last night was extraordinary for the detail the juror provided about the deliberations process.

Shorter version: Zimmerman acted in self-defense. He was credible. Race was not a factor -- the jurors never even discussed race. Martin attacked Zimmerman. 5 of the 6 jurors believed Zimmerman was screaming. The sixth wasn't sure, she thought it might be Martin. Zimmerman did not act from ill-will or hatred. If anything he was over-eager to help others, which is indicative of a good heart.

Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with this juror, and taking into consideration she is speaking only for herself as to why she voted to acquit, it is clear from her statements that the jury as whole unanimously agreed the state failed in this prosecution. Which makes Angela Corey's interview, aired on HLN last night, every more bizarre. [More...]

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Zimmmerman Juror B-37 Seeks Book Deal

Updated to reflect the original article has been edited to make clear B-37 signed with a literary agent who is seeking a deal for her book, but she doesn't actually have a book deal yet.

Zimmerman juror B-37 and her husband have a literary agent who is seeking offers for their book on the George Zimmerman trial. What a surprise (not) - her husband is an attorney.

What B-37 said during the voir dire round on pre-trial publicity (from our forums where it was live-blogged.) [More...]

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HLN Angela Corey Interview: Calls Zimmerman a "Murderer"

HLN is promoting an interview with Angela Corey and Bernie de la Rionda tonight in which the preview has Corey describing George Zimmerman as a "murderer." Poor choice of words. Not every killing is a murder. Some are excusable, some are justifiable, some are murder.

The jury instructions say:

A killing that is excusable or was committed by the use of justifiable deadly force is lawful. If you find Trayvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman, you will then consider the circumstances surrounding the killing in deciding if the killing was Murder in the Second Degree or was Manslaughter, or whether the killing was excusable or resulted from justifiable use of deadly force.


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Lawyers Reacting to Zimmerman Verdict

Lawyers are hitting the airwaves en masse to opine on the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial. I gave up TV commenting in 2008 (12 years was enough), but having spent so much of the last 16 months analyzing every detail of the George Zimmerman case here and at our forums, I made an exception yesterday for a quick appearance on CNN. Since I've received requests from a few readers, I'm posting a short clip of the last thing I said.[More...]

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The Legacy of the George Zimmerman Trial

Here's what I wrote last week on the legacy of the George Zimmerman case. It's as true today as it has been for the past 16 months.

The legacy of this case will be that the media never gets it right, and worse, that a group of lawyers, with the aid of a public relations team, who had a financial stake in the outcome of pending and anticipated civil litigation, were allowed to commandeer control of Florida's criminal justice system, in pursuit of a divisive, personal agenda.

Their transformation of a tragic but spontaneous shooting into the crime of the century, and their relentless demonization of the person they deemed responsible, not for a tragic killing, but for "cold-blooded murder," has called into question the political motives and ethics of the officials serving in the Executive branch of Florida's government, ruined the career of other public officials, turned the lives of the Zimmerman family, who are as innocent as their grieving clients, into a nightmare, and along the way, set back any chance of a rational discussion of the very cause they were promoting, probably for years. [More....]

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Mark O'Mara and Don West Press Conference

O'Mara and West at press conference. O'Mara begins by reading a letter he wrote to the Seminole County Sheriff before the verdict thanking him and the department for their excellent security and ensuring the process was peaceful.

Don West: The state's actions were disgraceful.

West on the opening joke: It was a needed disconnect from the act the state put on in it's opening argument. [More...]

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Angela Corey: Doublespeak

Angela Corey is holding a press conference. She has adopted a patient, reasonable tone, speaking slowly and with a smile.

Unbelievable: "We believe we brought out the truth about Trayvon Martin." Translation: We respect the jury's verdict but we still think our version, not the jury's version, was correct.

If the jury agreed the state brought out the truth about Trayvon Martin and his actions the night of the shooting, it would have returned a different verdict. [More...]

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Zimmerman: Can the Jury Hear the Protesters?

I've been avoiding stories about the protests, I really don't care about them. But with the TV on just now, they flashed on the protesters and they were really loud. Are they right outside the courthouse? Can the jury hear them?

I would make a motion to stop the deliberations and either move the jury deliberations or have the protestors move to where the jurors can't see and here them. It's rank intimidation.

Also, of course the crowds are more anti-Zimmerman. Guilt-mongerers are not known for their intelligence or emotional stability.

Where is law enforcement? How are they letting this go on while the jury is inside deliberating? I would think an appeals court could throw out a verdict for this alone. [More...]

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Zimmerman: Is There a Verdict?

The media has been moved to the first floor of the courthouse. The jury is finished with dinner. Why would the court have the media wait around if they didn't ask a follow-up question to their first question about manslaughter? Did they resolve it without needing more guidance?

Why would the jury still be working at 9:00 pm with the court, lawyers and media in the courtroom if a verdict weren't about to be announced? The judge previously said she'd only give the media 15 minutes notice of a verdict. So I think a verdict may be imminent. What would that be and what would that mean? [More...]

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Zimmerman Jury Has Question on Manslaughter

Update: The jury has ordered in dinner. The parties and judge agreed the judge will respond to the jury's question as follows:

The court cannot engage in general discussion but may be able to address a specific question regarding clarification of the instructions regarding manslaughter. if you have a specific question please submit it.
What this means: The jury had a question on manslaughter and wanted to ask the judge about it. The jury didn't specify what question they had. The parties submitted case law about the extent to which a judge can meet with a jury to answer questions about the law. They agreed upon a response which tells them they to submit a more specific question and the judge will try to answer it.

See original post below: If the jury is following the court's instructions, their consideration of manslaughter means they have rejected Murder 2 but it does not mean they have considered or rejected self-defense. They may or may not have gotten to self-defense yet. [More...]

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George Zimmerman: Weekend Verdict Watch

Update: Sat. 5:55 pm ET: Jurors have a question. Court will reconvene to hear it.

Our thread on closing arguments is full, so here is a place to continue the discussion of the trial, the legal aspects of the case and the media coverage while we wait for a verdict.

From earlier posts:

If you are just discovering TalkLeft, please read our commenting rules for this case before chiming in.

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Zimmerman Jury Recesses for Day

The jury in the George Zimmerman trial has recessed for the day. They will deliberate tomorrow beginning at 9:00 a.m.

News10 in Miami has profiles of the six jurors, with links to segments of their voir dire. If you'd rather read than watch video, check our forums where commenters live-blogged the voir dire. (Thanks especially to No Matter Never Mind, and CBoldt). If you just want the highlights, see below: [More...]

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George Zimmerman: Jury Begins Deliberations

I haven't seen John Guy's rebuttal closing yet in the George Zimmerman trial, but from the reactions online, it seems he didn't play tricks with the evidence as I predicted, he just pulled out the race, gender and emotion cards. Maybe he couldn't find any evidentiary rabbits.

In any event, the jury has been instructed and is now deliberating. Since it hasn't been mentioned in a while, I just want to point out that if this jury acquits George Zimmerman, the credit begins with jury consultant Robert Hirschhorn.

Regardless of what the verdict is, I think all criminal defense lawyers can take great pride in Mark O'Mara and Don West. They represent the tireless, dedicated, fearless advocates we all aspire to be. O'Mara and West have displayed the utmost integrity throughout this difficult case. They also worked for 16 months without yet receiving a dime (all the money raised so far has gone to case expenses, experts, and Zimmerman's living expenses and security.)

As I wind down 16 months of intensive coverage of this case, I'd like to thank the readers who have contributed to the discussion here and at our forums. As news articles are gradually pulled offline and the media deletes its document archives, the forums in particular will serve as a historical account of the evidence and court proceedings, and the political and partisan pressures and media hype that elevated this case into feeding frenzy.

I'd also like to thank Jim Talent of National Review and Bob Somerby of the Daily Howler for featuring my recent post with thoughts on the legacy of this case, and Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune, who recognized that the injustice in this case went far beyond the guilt or innocence of George Zimmerman, for his frequent citing of our coverage, as well as law professor Ann Althouse.

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Zimmerman Trial: Defense Closing

Mark O'Mara has begun his closing argument for George Zimmerman.

He begins with a chart showing the burden of proof in a self-defense case. I happen to have a similar chart, called The Meaning of a Not Guilty Verdict. Here's what's included: [More...]

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Zimmerman Trial: Court Publishes Final Jury Instructions

These are the final jury instructions that will be given in the George Zimmerman trial, posted on the court's website. The court site with most of the pleadings and minutes of the trial is here.

[Heads up: The rest of this post is a technical/legal one which will bore anyone not interested in minute details of statutory construction and word games. [More...]

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